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1) Is it possible to share or collaborate on a single survey?

At this point in time, we do not have a way to collaborate. We are planning on incorporating this function into the later versions.

2) Is it possible to preview the survey?

We have not yet built the survey preview function. A helpful workaround to this is to simply download the app, enter the access code and preview it this way. 

3) Do users have success using the platform for both a standard between-person study and ESM?

Most users use Expimetrics primarily for ESM/EMA and not for a lengthy integrative survey. Many users actually link the Expimetrics survey to an initial integrative survey through the use of a participant ID. 

Researchers can implement short demographic one-time surveys on Expimetrics which can capture important between-individual information before the ESM/EMA surveys begin. For example, capturing age, gender, work status, etc.

4) For the Likert scale is it standard to select the number of stars as opposed to using Likert anchors (eg. agreement)?

On Expimetrics, the stars function as a rating system instead of a Likert scale. In order to make a Likert scale, researchers currently use the 'multiple choice' question and put in the Likert-type ratings in there. As we specialize in ESM/EMA, researchers only see one item per page. The rating scales appear as multiple choices.

5) Is it possible to use Expimetrics together with other survey creation software like Qualtrics or Survey Monkey?

Yes! You can embed the web links into the survey questions (e.g., text question or instruction question). This effectively makes Expimetrics a notification system to schedule and track notifications for participants.

6) I am not able to log on to the Mobile Apps

The mobile app login is not the same as the web log in. This is because we are catering to two different audiences. You will need to create a separate login for the mobile apps.

7) I am not able to download the data as a CSV file (it returns a .txt file)

We noticed that using the browsers Firefox and Safari download the data as a text files, but Chrome and Explorer download it as CSV files as expected. We are working to address this issue to ensure that it also works on Firefox and Safari. 

One way to address this is to download the Chrome browser and access the Expimetrics website.

8) My app is not receiving the notifications as expected

The platform sends out notifications reliably. 

There are two main reasons on the participant end for not receiving notifications.

(1) Notifications are disabled for the Expimetrics app

(2) There is no internet nor cellular data enabled for the mobile device

You can also check on the "View Participants" in the "Insights" page once a project is launched to see whether notifications have been successfully sent to a device and also try sending out personalized notifications to yourself to ensure you are receiving it.

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