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Expimetrics is a platform created by researchers who conduct Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) and Ecological Momentary Assessments (EMA), and for any type of longitudinal surveys.

Our goal is to make the process for researchers simple, yet packed with powerful features.

How does Expimetrics work? Here is a general overview.

  1. Researchers create an ESM/EMA project on our website (www.expimetrics.com). This project can contain multiple surveys which are scheduled over days, weeks, or months. 
  2. Each project researchers create have a unique access code that is automatically created or created by the researcher.
  3. Participants download our free Expimetrics mobile apps on iOS or Android.
  4. Participants sign in to the app and then enter the access code to start the project.
  5. All surveys are automatically scheduled based on participant time zones. For example, a 9 am scheduled survey will be sent at 9 am Eastern Time and 9 am Pacific Time. Notifications and reminders are sent to participants via the mobile app.
  6. Mobile apps opens and closes surveys to participants based on allotted time (e.g., survey window from 9 am to 10 am). This helps researchers to not have to manually remove participant data if they don't complete it on time or complete all surveys in one shot at the end of the day.
  7. Real time participant tracking of response rates can be done through our system. No need to download data and link surveys to determine individual response rates at the end of the project
  8. All surveys for a participant are automatically connected. No need for researchers to create a unique participant ID and to manually link up surveys over time for each participant.
  9. Download data in CSV format which can be exported to Excel, SPSS, SAS, or other programs.

Things to note:

- No charge for sending Expimetrics notifications or reminders to complete surveys ... so fire as many surveys away!

- Web links can be included in surveys - researchers sometimes create a survey in Expimetrics to direct participants to a longer survey using another survey platform. One can use Expimetrics as a notification and tracking platform as there is no additional charge for any number of notifications and reminders to participants.

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