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Researchers can also create logic flow within the survey by using the "skip logic" function. 

This is currently only implemented in the "Multiple Choice Question" where participants select one option out of multiple options.

The skip logic does not display if there are no other questions in the survey or if the multiple choice question is the last question in the survey (as in both cases there is nothing to skip forward to).

As an illustration, a researcher may wish to have participants skip to a relevant question of "Take a picture of the food you are eating" if participants are currently engaged in a meal.

1. Select the "Skip Logic" option at the bottom right for question one seeks to implement the skip logic.

2. On checking the "Skip Logic" box, one should see a black panel displaying the skip options.

3. Select the option choice and the question to skip toward, if that choice is made by a participant.

In this case, if participants chose option (a) "Eating", they would be directed to question 4, "Please take a picture of what you are eating"

Additional logic for other options (e.g., Spending time with friends, or Working) can be included by clicking on the "+" button within the "Skip Logic" panel.

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